Young Fives Programs

Young 5’s has been developed to bridge the gap between preschool and kindergarten, or as an introduction to school for those who have not been in a social setting with peers.

Why Young 5’s?

Many early 5 year olds are not quite ready to go on to a formal full-day
kindergarten but have different interests and abilities than preschoolers.  Many children may not have the social, emotional and developmental maturity to succeed in a formal full-day kindergarten program. Students in kindergarten are expected to learn to read, perform basic math functions, master handwriting, listen attentively for long periods of time and function with ever increasing levels of expectations.

Our Program:

Our teachers are highly-qualified, credentialed early childhood professionals. Our low teacher to student ratio ensures that children will receive individualized one on one attention. Curriculum for the Young 5’s program has been developed from the Michigan Department of Education standards to ensure a successful transition into kindergarten. Our program uses developmentally appropriate, hands-on learning centers to build enthusiasm for school and confidence to solve problems while interacting with peers. Through interactive teaching experiences and active discovery children participate in Language and Literacy, Social Studies, Personal and Social Development, Gross Motor Development, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Art and Fine Motor Development to guarantee success in kindergarten and beyond.

Students who participate and complete the Young 5’s program would be expected to attend kindergarten the following year.



What Red Bell parents are saying about Young Fives...


Our family could not be happier that we chose Red Bell Young Fives Program for our son this year!  As a teacher in the profession for twenty years, I feel the Young Fives program has been a perfect transition from preschool into kindergarten.  The teacher is exceptional and had great insight about her students.  She knows what their strengths are and knows what they are ready to learn next.  The children are actively learning while having fun!  Our son, who tends to be shy and quiet, has totally blossomed in Miss Rebecca's class.  He loves going to school and has made wonderful friends.  All of the staff is happy and very loving towards all the children!  Red Bell's Young Fives class is a great place for young children to learn and fall in love with school.
Kathleen Whitney, Young Fives parent


We have been pleased that our son has been able to spend the year getting a good introduction to the structure and timing of a day in the classroom, but in a fun and engaging way that made him excited for full-day kindergarten next year. I think he’s well prepared for school in the fall and he’s looking forward to being a kindergartener!
Jenny Fouracre-Petko